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Welcome to MTI Drones' New Website!
Welcome to MTI Drones' New Website!

About Us

MTI Drones is a Authorized DJI Enterprise Dealer and Certified DJI Repair Center.

Mechanical Testing, Inc. (MTI) was founded in 1967. Originally a Test and Balance firm serving the Construction Industry, the company has now branched out to provide a diverse field of services.  One of those services is now the Distribution of DJI UAV’s.

DJI is the world leader in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle manufacturing and applications. Mechanical Testing, Inc also uses DJI products when we provide drone services like Surveys, Investigation and Inspections, Job Safety and Pre-task Hazard Planning, Building Envelope Testing, Facade Inspections, as well as many other services that use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

MTI uses FLIR XT2 Thermal Cameras, as well as, 30 times zoom cameras for information gathering when you employ us on your work sites.  Our results are reliable and worthwhile to the owner right on thru the construction or maintenance team. MTI will provide you with 4k video and images so that you can see in real time the results of the data gathering.

Allow Mechanical Testing, Inc. to get you the data needed to get the results you want for your next project!  Proudly serving Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga, New York State and throughout the United States!

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