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All-in-one training, equipment and streaming.

MTI Drones has partnered with Mutualink and Cobalt Technical Solutions to bring an unmatched solution for enterprises like construction, surveyors and geological services along with public safety agencies. Mutualink provides an enhanced interoperability capability with the ability to monitor radio communications, various video feeds and provide another lane of communication for agencies who need to have a secure, direct line of communication at a moments notice. Cobalt Technical Solutions provides a level of operational training expertise that is utilized and trusted by the DoD, USAF, and ANG customers through the design, development, and maintenance of aircrew courseware and training materials in full compliance with MIL-HDBK-29612 and other applicable DoD guidance. MTI Drones provides the coordination of all training, the supply of the aircraft desired by the industry or agency and the applicable technical support for the required equipment.


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Rates depend on class size and equipment quantities.