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Drone Repairs

Certified DJI Repair Center

We are sorry to hear about your damaged aircraft, however, MTI Drones is here to help!   Being a Certified DJI Repair Center for both Consumer and Enterprise products, our repair technicians have mastered the craft of repair your drone, no matter the damage!

How our Repair Process Works

  1. Email us at stating the the extent of your damage.
  2. One of our repair technicians will respond as quickly as possible with a copy of our repair ticket.
  3. Once received at our Repair Center, one of our certified DJI Repair Technicians will immediately provide an email containing photographs of the items as they were received as well as a quote for the estimated labor and parts necessary to get your aircraft back in the sky.
  4. Our professional diagnostic process will be charged $39 and any approved labor at $75 per hour
  5. If our quote is approved, sit back with confidence knowing your drone is being repaired in good hands.
  6. If you decide not to move forward, you will only be responsible for the $39 diagnostic fee.  But we recommend you ask about our trade in program!

Walk-in Appointments and Pick-ups MUST be between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM unless otherwise scheduled. If you would like to schedule a pickup or drop-off, please feel free to contact us at (518) 450-7292 or