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Compatible with DJI Matrice 600 & 600 Pro

Key Features

1.) Fly higher, cover more ground

With its class leading Inertial Navigation System and Laser Scanner, the RN100 allows for up to 100 meters AGL flight height. This provides additional safety margins and allows up to 80 hectares to be accurately surveyed in a single flight.

2.) Accurate up to 50mm

Despite its groundbreaking flight height the RN100 manages to maintain accuracy and precision. Maintain survey grade quality without the premium costs of comparable systems.

3.) Fits to your favorite commercial UAV

4.) The only Drone LiDAR unit with a 2 Year Warranty


Benefits of the RN100

The Nextcore RN100 UAV LiDAR Payload has been built from the same robust footprint as the RN50 series. With upgraded components, the RN100 performed beyond our expectations to deliver 50mm RSMS accurate results at up to 100 meters AGL.


With a more precise INS system onboard you can fly up to 100 meters and still get accurate results

Cover a larger area

Give your pilots a higher safety margin in forested areas and steep terrain

The same simple design and easy processing as the RN50