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Compatible with DJI Matrice 600 & 600 Pro

Key Features

1.) Simple and efficient operation

The Nextcore RN50 is a simple system that simply requires a UAV and a GNSS Base Station to operate.

2.) The only Drone LiDAR unit with a 2 Year Warranty

Designed and tested in harsh Australian conditions by surveyors, the RN50 has been designed to withstand the rigors of the serious surveyor.

3.) Great in vegetation

With 3 genuine triple returns the RN50 outperforms anything in its class by getting returns in thick vegetation.

4.) Lighting fast data processing

When speed is important the RN50 provides a fast solution for producing point clouds. In just twice the time it takes to fly, your dataset can be ready to go.


Benefits of the RN50

The Nextcore RN50 UAV LiDAR Payload has been built from the same robust footprint as the RN100 series. With upgraded components, the RN50 performed beyond our expectations to deliver 50mm RSMS accurate results at up to 100 meters AGL.


Achieve survey grade data at 50-60 metres above ground level

Accurate up to 50mm RSMS
Fits to your favorite commercial UAV

The only Drone LiDAR unit with a 2 Year Warranty